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Road, Track, Ultra, and Cross Country Racing

The Pamakids green has been spotted at local and regional road races since the 1970s. Our racing team participates in a variety of local RRCA and PA USAT&F road races, as well as community fun runs (Pamakids love to have fun!) and relay events.

During the running boom of the 1970s and 1980s, Pamakid Runners produced some of the top road race competitors. Club participation waned in the 1990s, but under the guidance of George Rehmet, team captain from 2000 to 2006, followed by co-captains John Spriggs and Malinda Walker, the Pamakids racing team has made a tremendous comeback. Not only has participation increased, but many of our runners consistently place high in the field. In 2007, our women’s cross-country team took third place in the PA USAT&F series, while Pamakid Michelle Gallagher won second place in overall and later qualified for the 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Of course, you don’t have to be a speed demon to run with the Pamakids. Club members of all ages, paces, and running abilities are welcome and encouraged to join the team. All we require is a positive attitude and a willingness to wear green. We sponsor runners to participate in events year-round, with an emphasis on team competitions and relays. (And good times!)

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For more information about the Pamakids Racing Team, or to find out how you can volunteer as a race captain, contact the racing team director at Please go to our Yahoo Groups page to subscribe to race-related email updates.

*For club sponsorship, you must be PAUSATF member (with Pamakids as your team, #134) for PA races, and you must wear the Pamakid Runners uniform during the race. Additionally, you must repay the club for a no-show to a race.

These races are a part of the Pamakid Runners Racing Team Schedule. Visit the Racing Team section for more information on our team.

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