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Phone: (415) 333-4780


Mail: Pamakid Runners, P.O. Box 27557, San Francisco, CA 94127

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Yahoo! Groups

One is primarily for the Racing Team. Join this one to get messages about upcoming races: Pamakids Racing

The second is for more general club messages. You can join this one by going to this link: Pamakid Runners

Board of Director Meetings

The Pamakid Runners BOD currently meets monthly, except for every 4th month of the calendar year (April, August, and December). Members are always welcome. For information on the next BOD meeting, e-mail

Charity Committee

As stated in our mission statement, supporting charitable causes is very important to our club. We have a Charity Committee that meets four times a year (January, April, July, and October). Please read the PDF file on the website for more specific details about the Charity Committee: Pamakids Charity Committee Guidelines (PDF)

To recommend a charity or to find out when the next Charity Committee meeting is, please e-mail

Social Events

For information on upcoming club Social Events e-mail We want club member's ideas for new events! To suggest a new social event for which you would like the club to consider providing support and promotional outreach, provide event info to the social chair in writing at least 90 days before planned event date.

Racing Team

The racing team attends Bay Area races every month. Joining the Racing Team Yahoo! Group is the best way to keep informed about racing opportunities. See the racing team schedule and more info on the racing team page. If you have specific questions, you can e-mail a racing team captain at

The Pamakid Runners attend many races that are sanctioned by the Pacific Association (PA) of USATF. In order to score for the club in those races you must join the PA and declare Pamakids (club #134) as your team affiliation. To join the PA go to this website and click on Join Now:

Disclaimer: It is encouraged but not required that you join the PA and declare Pamakids as your team affiliation.

Age Graded Scoring

The Pamakids keep age graded scores on every race that any club member runs while representing the club. Read the Age Graded Performance Awards (PDF) for all the details. Awards for top performances are passed out at the Holiday Gala. Add your race results or e-mail your race results to John Gieng at

Uniforms & Gear

We ask that club members race in the Pamakid team singlet as much as possible. We also have other Pamakid clothing items. For information on buying clothing e-mail

Track Workouts

Coach Andy Chan coaches track workouts at Kezar Stadium on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM. Current fees are $5 per session for non-members. Pamakid members pay $3 per session, with the club subsidizing the cost. E-mail for more information.

Soonar or Later Blog

Soonar or Later is the officiial Pamakids Running Club blog. If you have a submission, please send it to the editor by the 15th of the month preceding the next issue. Please submit your item at your earliest convenience or risk missing the submission deadline.

The Newsletter Editor is John Gieng, Email:

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Andy Chan

Monica Fernandez

Thang Ta

John Gieng

Phyllis Nabhan

Danielle Hashem & Jerry Flanagan

Felix Tong

Monica Zhuang & Lee Novich

Bill Dake

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